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Friday Diary: Hitler’s Eyebrow

Okay, so maybe I won’t be writing a diary every week. Since the return we’ve had a Grim Bash (Grimmie, where’s the post on that, eh?) and a weekend where we just weren’t funny. I know, it’s difficult to believe. Last night we were back on form though, and I have a cryptic set of notes to prove it. All I have to do is translate them. 

Are my eyebrows straight?

Did I draw my eyebrows straight?

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Friday Diary: The Return

For a while the Friday Diary was a staple of the 5punk front page, delighting us with tales of our hilarious Friday gaming sessions. Then two-and-a-half years ago, for reasons of procreation, they had to be suspended. But no more! I am once more in a position where I can ignore my children in order to make people on the internet laugh. 

Go grab some ice cream or something.

Laughter not guaranteed.

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The Friday Diary: Vulpomorphism

Friday night games can vary wildly in their medium, but not as wildly as the conversations over Teamspeak. Last night the gaming was as before, Battlefield 3 followed by some Dota 2, but the sparkling conversation included things possibly never discussed before by man.

Creepy shit like this was a 'highlight'

Creepy shit like this was a ‘highlight’

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