How To

Sign Up
Signing up to the site is as easy as creating an account via the forum. We’d recommend you say hello while you’re there though. Check out the Introduce Yourself forum, have a quick read of the sticky, and say hello.

Join Teamspeak
Teampeak 3 is our voice comms client of choice. There’s no requirement for it, but it’s worth listening in for the witty banter, thought provoking discussions, and Pete’s ear-shattering belching. See the Teamspeak thread for details of how to download the client and join the server.

Use the 5cheduler
In order to schedule a game click on the Blog Control Panel option underneath your username, and click on ‘Add Event’. Put the name of the game in the ‘Title’ field and anything you’d like to add in the ‘Comments’ field. Set a date and time in the ‘Start Date’ fields. If you’d like to put a server in use the ‘Name of Location’ field.

Post an Article
Click on the Blog Control Panel link under your username and click the Posts option. Find the ‘Add New’ button at the top to start a new article. When writing remember to set a category and some tags. There is a template article in the Drafts – please copy/paste to a new article rather than edit that. Comments are disabled in blog posts, please create a forum post and link from the article for discussion, and link back from that post to the article.

Any member can write an article, but there is an approval process to publish. This is partly to control the rate at which articles are posted, partly to proof read, and partly to ensure that content doesn’t go against the general 5punk ethos.

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