RAAAAAR!Who am 5punk?

Originally 5punk were a bunch of pilgrims hailing from B3ta.com, but now we consist of a general collective of gamers who like bumming and horses. And bumming horses.*

Can I kill it?

No. 5punk kills lots, from FPSs to MMORPGs.** We don’t generally stick to one particular game, so there’s usually a couple of us playing something you like. We tend to be casual gamers, so hardcore Warcraft raids aren’t our bag (although we have done that too), but by the same reckoning we don’t expect anything of anyone.

So it’s just a gaming site?

Far from it, 5punk are a community brought together by gaming, but we’re all individuals with individual interests. We talk about everything here.***

Yeah but I like games.

Well that’s cool, because so do we. Our jeu de jour changes regularly and keeping up can be a challenge, but we’ve always got one or two free games on the go to join in on if you don’t buy that many games.

You guys sound great. And handsome. Especially Dog Pants. What do I do to join in?

Easy. Get yourself onto the forum, check out the introduction, say hello and wait for the lovely greetings you’ll get. If you want to play games with us make sure you download the TeamSpeak client. That way you can listen to our beautiful voices and testicle-shrivelling puns. Hell, you can chip in a few of your own if you like.

Awesome. I’m gonna sign up right now.

Fucking right you are.

*Most of us aren’t really into bumming. Some are into horses. Stop touching yourself. No, not you, the other guy reading this page at the moment.
**Actually we’re shit.
***Apart from that thing. You’re the only one who does that and we don’t want to hear about it.