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Making a Raspberry Pi Media Centre 2

In this second article I will detail all the steps required to get your newly set up Pi playing and obtaining content, as well as discuss some options for customisation.  Many of the topics are entirely optional, so feel free to use as little of as many of these as you desire.

This part will focus on configuration, customisation, tweaks and managing content – by which I mean video content.  While it is possible to get your Pi to do far more than play video (while still keeping the media centre functionality) such as play emulated games, those topics are best left to a potential, later guide.

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Making a Raspberry Pi Media Centre 1

In this short series of articles I will detail everything you need to build your own media centre from the affordable and compact Raspberry Pi.  I will focus on doing things as simply as possible in order to get up and running quickly without too much technical detail, but will add more advanced sections as optional extras.

Part one will focus on getting the hardware set up and the initial configuration so that you can get the Pi plugged in, displaying correctly on the TV and ready to start playing any media you already have available.  Later parts will discuss adding additional media, the various addons you can install and more advanced topics for tweaking the system.

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