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Saturday Diary: Snake hats

Hello one and all! I’m Grimmie and I like to play strategy games.

I’m sure you’re used to seeing the scribblings of Dog Pants on this page, but this week I thought I’d try my hand at reporting the scintillating events of our Saturday games. Civilisation V is a bit of a weird game. It’s great for those late night stints of strategising, continuously pulling you along in to the next turn with its hundreds of countdown timers ticking down to to zero, each and every one getting closer to completion with a click of the Next Turn button. You can take your time, place units across the hex map like pieces on a chess board, carefully plan your path to victory thanks to its turn-based format.

Barbarar the Barbarian

Barbarar the Barbarian was a constant source of teeth-gnashing.

It’s a little difficult to organise multiplayer games though, as a game that might take four hours to complete solo suddenly takes sixteen thanks to having to wait for your fellow players to decide what they’re going to do next. We rarely re-visit save games as getting the exact composition of 5punkers together again is quite a feat. It also means that there’s an awful lot of waiting followed by a sudden sprint of activity, and as a result, most of the 5punky shenanigans take part between turns.

Game notes follow. I had to do something between turns, right?

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