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  1. Lunch Penguin time!

    I had a panini and some chips, because I’m boring and predictable. Yourselves?

  2. I don’t normally post click bait links, but this Buzzfeed article of mesmerizing gifs is sublime. The ferrofluid on the screw is ace:


  3. One of those number 1 when you were born things just fell into my awareness, this time with movies.


    I got Pale rider (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzQ7D_pJYwk), which is most notable for having the Channel 4 news theme as the music.

  4. Signs I either married a psychopath, or am a great influence on those around me:

    Wifey: Did you know Lettuce has a chemical in it that makes you sleep?
    Me: Do you know what else has a chemical in that makes you sleep?
    Wifey: Rohypnol.

  5. Werd up monkey huffers! Friday today!

    We’re not using this fancy board enough so today’s thread is now here.

    Legendary character actor Mark Strong has send me a fax asking me if I have any hat advice for him. I told him I’d need to talk it over with my creative team. So go on, draw a hat on the man. He’d also probably appreciate a new body.


  6. Now then, hamster felchers!

    I trust you are all well. Didn’t we have a fred for giving away Steams? I’ve got Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition looking for a home. Also got all the DLC’s, if anyone wants those.

  7. Sun-nings! How am you all?

    Missed Saturgames as I was out doing a WRESTLE. How was it? Much get played?

  8. Arrite?
    I’ve been keeping the lunch penguin tradition going at work by having a daily competition with the web developer sitting opposite me. He invariably wins ’cause I’m eating healthy stuff at lunch nowadays. Salad, sweet potato wedges, grapes and a yoghurt. What did you chaps have?

  9. Hello Monday. Hello.
    It’s cold and wet, and I’m the only member of the webteam in the office. How do?

    • ‘Ning! Bug fix day today in aid of an internal show and tell today, followed by client demos tomorrow and Weds. Little bit if stress but it’s all good.

    • Today I am turning my garage from a carefully planned delight, and an utter mess, into a compact, packed up act of cleanliness. ๐Ÿ™

    • Werd! Today was hot and sunny here, but less hot and sunny then the past few days. So I went back to the animal park I like so much and finally found that damn tapir.
      I also watched a turtle enjoying a wash (hope they used TURTLE WAX LOL) and a clever chicken.

      [img size=800]http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n127/mr_johnson_87/DSC_1162_zpskdjgly92.jpg~original[/img]

      [img size=1000]http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n127/mr_johnson_87/DSC_1165_zpswol3d7sc.jpg~original[/img]

      (spot the chicken)

  10. Something’s wrong. I blame buzz.

  11. Werd up bummers. Also sky up and sun up

  12. Werd!

    It is again very hot today so try not to move too much. What is your favourite summer tune? I’m currently liking this one:


  13. Oh no it’s Wednesday. Oh. No.

    What are you guys up to?

  14. Here in my car

  15. Werd! No idea about if this is doable but would a ticker affair for the disco that sat underneath the other forums not be a good way of integrating this??

    • It would! It’d probably more coding skills than I have, but I’ll look into it. Might be possible to flag new WP comments on the forum with the integration.

  16. Alright cunts? Up to owt interesting today?

    • No, but I did buy mead. Mead is a bit disappointing.

    • I am doing nothing interesting today. This weekend I helped Sprog with a project though. She had to make a model of a London land mark, and she chose one of the lions at the bottom of Nelson’s column. It’s no trebuchet, but I’m impressed with her handiwork.

      • Awesome! Lions are fun.

        I have to decommission the trebuchet in the not too distant future, mainly because moving that thing ~20 miles is rather inconvenient.

    • Took a few days off work to enjoy the sunshine. Bought some new troos (old ones had a crotch-hole in them from cycling too much), sunglasses (old ones fell apart) and had a haircut (old one was too long).

      Now I might have a lovely little cycle down the canal and enjoy the weather some more. Woo!

  17. D-d-d-disco resurrection!

  18. Welcome to the all new and… degraded 5punk discussion board. Go forth and talk bollocks!

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