Friday Diary: Monkakke

We continue the simian theme this week, a logical extension of the monkeys in makeup thing. I’m pretty sure they’re not related, and yet it’s a subject we keep coming back to. Someone is perhaps harbouring a desire they’re not telling us about. 

Hello boys.

Hello boys.

Conversation was light last night. I think maybe we were concentrating too hard on the games. We started off with some Overwatch, but didn’t manage a full team. Bali gave up on competitive play with 5punkers because we were dragging his rating down – conversely I think he’s dragging our score down by matching us against competent players to whom we lose all the time. Bloody try-hard. Fab still isn’t high enough level to play competitive because he’s a slacker.

We did find a few ways to amuse ourselves though. We noticed that you could do a TF2-style crab with Reaper, which is fun. And undoubtedly will amuse teammates in competitive play. We also encountered a Spoodie in the wild. He didn’t join in on Discord, and was on the other team, but it was him. He left before the end of the game, presumably because of how l33t pr0 we are.

Death scuttles among you.

Death scuttles among you.

We waited until Fab joined for Overwatch and switched to Rocket League. A new mode was available, called Rumble, which equips the cars with random power-ups. This made for a fun, if chaotic, distraction, as players and the ball were variously punted, recovered, and frozen. It led to some awesome goals, and a lot of conversation around the game rather than the random bollocks which would make this post interesting.

Once the novelty started to wear off a little we did digress though. Ladyboys came up. Not sure why. Something about chimp spunk, which led to the title. Can’t remember how that came up either. So to speak. The last line of my notes says “cans exploding in chickens,” which must relate to the beer can chicken I’ll be having for tea tomorrow night, but I can’t for the life of me remember talking about it. I obviously need to make more comprehensive notes, or drink less.

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  1. Double the love, sweetheart.

  2. It’s always nice to be singled out as a workshy bastard.

    Twice 😛

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